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12BB 5.5:1 Lightweight Plastic Spinning Fishing Reel

12BB 5.5:1 Lightweight Plastic Spinning Fishing Reel

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12BB 5.5:1 Lightweight Plastic Spinning Fishing Reel

Product Description:

Introducing the 12BB 5.5:1 Lightweight Plastic Spinning Fishing Reel - the ultimate companion for both professional tournament anglers and weekend fishing enthusiasts. With its exceptional performance and durability, this spinning reel is designed to handle the challenge of targeting big fish.


  • Metal wire cup and hollow design for a lightweight, smooth, powerful, and durable fishing experience
  • Precision aluminum alloy gear, brass main shaft, and metal washer for enhanced performance and longevity
  • Anti-salt and anti-dust design to increase corrosion resistance and ensure a longer lifespan
  • Left and right hand exchangeable and foldable half metal handle for comfort and practicality
  • Instant anti-reverse system and 12BB gear ratio to handle even the largest fishes with ease
  • Faster speed gear ratio at 5.5:1 for excellent line control in any fishing situation
  • Anti-reverse switch for quick and easy positive and negative control of fishing vessels
  • Flawless light weight graphite spinning reel body with a rich black finish for corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for all universal type fishing rods like river fishing rod, sea fishing rod, stream fishing rod


  • Line capacity:
    • CTR2000: 0.18/235, 0.2/195, 0.25/120
    • CTR3000: 0.18/285, 0.2/230, 0.25/150
    • CTR4000: 0.25/215, 0.3/150, 0.35/110
    • CTR5000: 0.3/175, 0.35/130, 0.4/110
    • CTR6000: 0.35/195, 0.4/150, 0.5/100
    • CTR7000: 0.45/195, 0.5/115, 0.6/100


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