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Wooden Chess Board: Pieces Not Included

Wooden Chess Board: Pieces Not Included

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Wooden Chess Board: Pieces Not Included

Take your love of chess with you everywhere you go with this portable Wooden Chess Board. Whether you are a chess enthusiast or a casual player, this chessboard offers the perfect combination of functionality, durability, and convenience.


  • Built to last with high-quality construction
  • Folds up neatly to just 53x53cm, making it easy to carry in your bag
  • Quickly lays out into a flat, comfy playing surface in seconds
  • Cloth covering on the board provides a comfortable playing experience
  • Strong magnets keep the pieces securely in place, ensuring you won't lose any moves
  • Ergonomic carry handle on the case makes it easy to transport
  • Sturdy materials ensure the board withstands regular use
  • Perfect for killing time during long car rides, trains, or planes
  • Suitable for players of any age or skill level

With its compact design, this portable chessboard is a great companion for your travels. Its simplicity and minimal weight make it easy to carry around, while the powerful magnets keep the pieces in place even during bumpy rides. Whether you want to play a quick game or engage in a strategic battle, this wooden chessboard will provide you with endless entertainment.

Please note: Pieces are not included with this chessboard. Pair it with your favorite chess pieces or purchase them separately to complete your set.

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