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Style Pointed Shoes - Women's Slim High Heels

Style Pointed Shoes - Women's Slim High Heels

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Women's Slim High Heels, Pointed Fashion Shoes

Step up your shoe game with these stylish and personalized shoes

Designed for fashion-forward women, these slim high heels are perfect for daily leisure, sports, walking, hiking, and more. The pointed fashion shoes feature a professional style, with a large size that's perfect for European and American women.

  • Toe cap, eyelet stay and heel cap lining made of faux suede leather
  • Oxford fabric quarter and tongue for a classic design
  • Pink faux suede fabric + breathable foamed insole provide casual comfort
  • Lace-up shoes with Nappa pu inner collar lining and rubber sole for lightweight flexibility and maximum durability
  • Black edge line and nylon upper running threads
  • Available in US sizes 4.5-12

Personalized Design

These shoes feature local printing of left and right designs. You can upload your own images, and the recommended size is 927 x 339 px or higher/150 dpi. The right and left designs are mirrored, so your design will be printed on both shoes.

Care Instructions

It is recommended to wash these shoes by hand and clean them regularly. For tougher stains, squeeze some toothpaste on them and clean with a toothbrush, but do not brush violently. After washing, wrap your shoes in paper towels to protect them.

Turn Heads with Unique Style

Get ready to turn heads with these unique and stylish shoes. Whether you're dressing up for a night out or adding a pop of personality to your everyday wardrobe, these shoes are sure to make a statement. Order yours today!

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