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RC Flying Air Boat - Remote-Controlled Radio Machine For Kids

RC Flying Air Boat - Remote-Controlled Radio Machine For Kids

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RC Flying Air Boat - Remote-Controlled Radio Machine for Kids

Introducing the RC Boat Flying Air Boat Radio-Controlled Machine on the Control Panel! This innovative and versatile remote control toy is the perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas, bringing endless hours of excitement to kids of all ages.

3-in-1 Functionality

  • Remote Control Car Mode: Experience the thrill of driving on various surfaces including carpet, concrete, asphalt, and packed earth. Watch as the RC car glides effortlessly, conquering different terrains with ease.
  • Hovercraft Mode: Transform the RC drone into a hovercraft and take on shallow water surfaces with confidence. Whether it's a pool, pond, or calm lake, this mode allows for exciting water-based adventures.
  • Drone Mode: Unlock the skies and let your imagination soar! The RC drone mode lets you navigate indoor spaces with agility and precision. Even beginners can fly with ease, thanks to the safe angle mode that keeps the craft stable and level.

Impressive Features

  • One Key Return: Never worry about losing your drone again. With the one-key return function, the drone automatically flies back to its takeoff coordinates, making it incredibly easy to operate.
  • LED Lights: For added excitement and a stunning visual display, this RC toy features creatively designed LED lights. Explore the night sky and create a mesmerizing landscape of light during nighttime flights.
  • Safety is a top priority with this RC toy. The waterproof design ensures protection for the internal components, making it suitable for both land and water adventures. Equipped with a waterproof rubber ring and foam, you can even drive this toy on water, adding a new dimension of fun to playtime.

Product Features

  • Three-in-one functionality: Remote control boat, remote control car, and aircraft.
  • Headless mode for easy navigation regardless of the drone's orientation.
  • 360-degree flips and rolls for impressive aerial stunts.
  • Low voltage and overcurrent protection for enhanced safety.
  • Fast and slow speed options, suitable for different skill levels.
  • 3D roll capabilities for added excitement.
  • Comes with a convenient one-button return function.
  • Made with durable ABS material and high-quality electronic components.

The RC Boat Flying Air Boat is designed for endless fun and adventure. Its compact size allows for

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