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MIFA F10 Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Portable

MIFA F10 Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Portable

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MIFA F10 Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Product Features:

• Powerful bass to fill up any room,Top-level DSP 3 D sound stereo chip

• Portable, easy-to-use compact design, Class - G double charge pump audio power amplifier

• IPX6 Water Resistance: Metal speaker protective net cover, with dense mesh which can prevent dust and other particles     from       entering into the speaker, adapts effectively to the outdoor dust weather

• USB Sound CardSpecifications

• DC5V-500mA USB Adapter

• IPX6 Water Resistance

• IPX5 Dust Resistance

• Size: 86 W ×97 D ×38 H mm

• Weight: 166 g


Simple big buttons design, when used outdoor sports,without taking it from the backpack, you can easilyimplement "blind" manipulation.


Breakthrough vortex modeling design, through pressing the airflow to reflect, strengthen the speaker power,enhance volume 1 times compared with ordinary speaker; meanwhile use vortex structure ductility,flexibility increased by 50%, solve the problem of the deformation of the low frequency motion horn,restore the real sound quality, small speakers cavity, brings powerful bass beyond imagination!

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