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Magnetic Rubik'S Cube: 3Rd-Order Puzzle For Challenging Play

Magnetic Rubik'S Cube: 3Rd-Order Puzzle For Challenging Play

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356M Magnetic 3rd-order Rubik's Cube Puzzle Rubik's Cube

Experience the ultimate puzzle-solving challenge with the GAN 356M Magnetic 3rd-order Rubik's Cube Irregular Puzzle Rubik's Cube. Designed for both adults and children, this innovative cube is crafted from high-quality ABS material to ensure durability and longevity.

Unleash Your Puzzle-Solving Skills

Featuring a unique three-order Rubik's Cube design, this cube offers a refreshing twist to the classic puzzle. Challenge yourself and impress your friends with your problem-solving abilities.

Two Versions for Your Preference

  • The light version is perfect for those seeking a minimalist approach. It doesn't include GES accessories, allowing you to focus solely on solving the cube.
  • The standard version, on the other hand, comes complete with GES accessories, providing you with a customizable experience. Adjust the cube's tension to your liking and enhance your solving capabilities.

Smooth and Fast Turning

Thanks to its advanced magnetic design, the GAN 356M offers an unparalleled turning experience. Enjoy smooth and effortless turns, allowing you to solve the puzzle with speed and precision.

Perfect for Speedcubers

If you're a speedcuber looking to take your skills to the next level, this cube is a must-have. Practice your finger dexterity and improve your solving times with the GAN 356M.

Hours of Endless Fun

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this Rubik's Cube is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Challenge yourself, compete with friends, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of solving this intricate puzzle.

Invest in the GAN 356M Magnetic 3rd-order Rubik's Cube Irregular Puzzle Rubik's Cube today and experience the thrill of conquering this mind-boggling challenge. Are you up for it?

Customer Reviews

Based on 496 reviews
Kasey Bergstrom

Very good arrived before the deadline

Leland Erdman

Her şey tek parça halinde geldi. Küp iyi, sıradan manyetik için pahalı, ama bir gan gibi oldukça bütçe.

Scot Collins

Very soft I loved

Francisca Davis


Alexandria Gutkowski

Tremendous, good product

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