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Black Strawberry Coffee/Tea Mug

Black Strawberry Coffee/Tea Mug

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Note: This is a custom-printed product. Custom printing requires more time for processing. Please be advised when ordering.


Presenting our superb ceramic coffee cup! This mug has a straightforward design with clean lines, attractive proportions, and a contemporary style. It is made of sturdy and smooth ceramic. On special events like birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Teacher's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more, it is the ideal present to give to your loved ones.

Please avoid machine cleaning and let the cup air dry to preserve its condition. Please take note that the connection between the mug design area and the cup will have a black bottom in order to properly design the pattern. While there might be a tiny color difference between the cup and the black region, this is typical and not covered by after-sales processing.

Please remember that the picture display effect is only meant to serve as a guide and that the actual product may differ somewhat from the final effect. Small defects in color, location, and size may occur due to production batches and machinery; nevertheless, these are common and do not fall under the purview of after-sales processing.

In conclusion, our ceramic coffee cup is a hardy and fashionable item that makes a wonderful gift for important occasions. Place your order right away to sip on your preferred beverage in style!





One size 9.6/3.8 8.1/3.2 330

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